Tuesdays I draw what I eat – Buffalo burger with chips

Today at Atelier LaLa:

After a two hours meeting at the bank: No time for cooking brought us to a special burger.

For those who don’t know it: a group of friends and myself founded a couple of years ago an association that supports a children’s home in Moshi, Tanzania. Its name is Freunde von Amani Deutschland. I keep the books and because of the new SEPA bank transaction in Europe there are a looot of things we have to re-do. That is why my husband and I sat for two hours today with our bank agent and a wonderful view of the main square here in Stuttgart. At the end of the meeting my stomach was growling so loud I could barely hear the conversation. As soon as we were out we ran to Martha’s, a special snack bar that serves regional food with no flavour enhancers. It is beautifully styled and the food is really good. Two minutes after us, our bank agent ran in.


Greetings from another life

In my first life I used to be an architect. Not one of those whose pieces appears in fancy magazines, just an office planner and then a fair trade booth architect. Who could have told me back then that one day there would be no less than two double pages dedicated to my work in one of the most relevant architecture magazines in Germany? No one. But see, life is funny sometimes and so just before Christmas I got a call from the AIT telling me that they were working on a series of interviews to former architects that have changed their careers -I guess there is a good amount of them -, whether I had interest. Of course. And so this week I received the March issue of the AIT, which, by the way, has a beautiful and very illustrative cover by Federico Babina.


Tuesdays I draw what I eat – A salad with orange and a special aroma

Today at Atelier LaLa: The highlight of today´s lunch was a salad, a normal one. So it was not such a big highlight.

It had lettuce and tomato, of course, and Parmesan cheese and an orange – that was the very small special part -,  white balsamic vinegar and the olive oil we bring every summer from our private paradise on a Croatian island. The touch was that our entrance door was being painted as we ate, that gave our lunch a peculiar chemical taste that still floats in the air. I recommend this salad without the painting detail.


singing through the seasons

James Geier is a musician. He writes and sings beautiful songs for adults (listen to them in his webpage) and he has recently published a CD for children: a trip through the year in “James singt für Kinder“, by the Schuh Verlag. I had the fortune to illustrate the cover and the booklet, scenes for every season, little animals, flowers, snowmen, fishes… it was a delicious job. For you German readers or for you not Germans who want their kids to learn the language with nice songs: you can buy the CD or the single songs at iTunes or in Amazon. James Geier is a good friend, too.



Tuesdays I draw what I eat – Maultaschen tikka masala

It is said that maultaschen were invented in this part of Germany where I live as a trick to eat meat on Fridays by hiding it in these sort of huge ravioli (my excuses here to any Swabian reading this).

Traditionally the main ingredients in the filling are spinach, spring onions, bread crumbs and smoked meat. But it can vary and there are all kind of maultaschen: vegetarian,  with ricotta, with potato… Normally they are served either in a soup or fried with butter and onion.

We like them at home, the traditional way or mixed with no so Swabian things as mango chutney or, like today, tikka masala. They go well with many things. The little meat in the filling was apparently not enough and my personal cook decided to accompany them with pork loin. A simple salad to it and voilà, a great lunch that we enjoyed with our neighbours.

See with my colleagues at Atelier LaLa cook these days.